T & C / House & Swimming Pool Rules

By Renting Our Property You Have Agreed To All Terms & Conditions & Rules

  • 1)You agree to pay a 150.00 euro cash security/key deposit on arrival (300 with pet) to key holder which will be refunded minus the cleaning charge which is 90 euros (180 with pet) 3 bed = 5 to 6 people & 60.00 (120 with pet) euros 2 bed = 1 to 4 people staying this covers all aspects of cleaning (except taking rubbish & washing up) both inside/outside, towels & bedding after departure.
  • 2) You agree to pay the remaining 75% of your stay on arrival to the key-holder.
  • 3) You agree to only use swimming pool between the hours of 8.00am -10.00pm.
  • 4) You agree to report any minor breakages at departure.
  • 5) You agree to report any major breakages straight away via email or text provided.
  • 6) You agree to pay for any accidental damage or breakages.
  • 7) You agree to report any failure’s straight away via email or text provided
  • 8) You agree to comply with the no excessive noise policy in the community areas of the complex & apartment from 12.00am – 8.00am including music.
  • 9) You agree to read & follow the rules of the swimming pool which are shown on notice board located in swimming pool area
  • 10) You agree that check out is by 10.00am on departure date (unless late check out purchased at booking form) & check in is from 2.00pm on arrival date.
  • 11) You agree not to smoke inside the apartments.
  • 12) You agree to read and uphold the general house rules for both apartments and swimming pool.
  • 13) You agree to remove all rubbish & complete any washing up before departure.
  • 14) Poolside Apartment rented as a 2 bedrooms / 1 bathroom = max 4 people.
  • 15) Poolside Apartment rented as 3 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms = max 6 people.

House Rules

  1. No Smoking inside the property.
  2. Switch all air conditioning off when you’re not in property.
  3. Please take any refuge bags to bins located at rear of property down the hill. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE OUTSIDE OR INSIDE APARTMENT.
  4. Please respect your neighbours and keep noise levels to acceptable levels during the day and from 12.00am to 8.00am we have a no noise policy in place.
  5. Please read safety notice board located inside swimming pool area.
  6. Your final clean which you pay for does not include plates, cups & cooking pots etc. Please complete this before your departure.
  7. Check out is by 10.00am on day of departure.(unless pre-arranged before arrival)
  8. No ball games.

Swimming Pool Rules

  1. Swimming pool can only be used between 8.00am & 10.00pm
  2. Please shower before entering swimming pool both for hygiene and to remove sun lotion (If the pool becomes dirty the President will have no choice but to close whilst pool cleaners add chemicals to fix problem).
  3. No glassware of any kind is allowed in swimming pool area.
  4. No diving in pool.
  5. No large inflatables are allowed in swimming pool.
  6. No ball games.
  7. Please take all towels, belongings and have a general tidy up when you leave swimming pool area.

These rules are in place for your safety and to keep the property in top condition for both yourselves and others to have a wonderful experience and a fantastic holiday.

                    So please enjoy.